"> Best Gluten-free Food to Stay Healthy
Best Gluten-Free Food

Best Gluten-free Food to Stay Healthy

According to one of the best nutritionist in Delhi, You can consume the following gluten-free food to stay healthy while you are on a gluten-free diet. You should go organic and pick whole-food items, such as:

Healthy Fat

Prefer extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter, and grass fed tallow. Moreover, your body will need ghee, butter, avocados, coconut, almond and milk. Your diet is incomplete without nuts, olives, nut butters, seeds, and cheese. You can add delicious seeds in your salads and shakes, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame germs, chia seeds and flax seeds.


You need to eat proteins, including eggs and fish. Feel free to eat wild fish like salmon, herring, trout, sardines, black cod and mahi mahi, shellfish, mollusks, shrimp, lobster, clams and oysters. You can also consume fowl, poultry and pork liver. Other good options are bison, chicken, turkey, ostrich, duck, veal and wild game.


There are lots of choices for you in fresh vegetables, including lettuces, spinach, leafy greens, broccoli, collards, chard, cabbage, kale, mushrooms, cauliflower, onion, Brussels sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, celery, green beans, watercress, turnip, radish, garlic, fennel, ginger, parsley, chestnuts, etc.

Fruits with Low Sugar

There are lots of fruits with low sugar that you can consume, such as bell peppers, tomato, squash, eggplant, lemons, zucchini, cucumber, avocado and pumpkin. Fresh fruits are an important part of gluten-free food to stay healthy.

Seasonings and Herbs

The ketchup and chutney contain gluten; therefore, these should not be consumed. You can enhance the taste of your food with mustard, tapenade, salsa, horseradish, etc. You can use different herbs and seasonings, but carefully check the package of the products.